Friday, January 26, 2007



This week, I had a package coming to me from the good people at Nu Urban Music USA out of Brooklyn. They were so kind as to hook me up with the most recent release on Covert Operations, for which I wrote the PR for. Anyways, they have a preferred members account set up with UPS. They ship all their product through them. The following is an exact account of what took place this week.

So I get a note on my door on friday the 19th, saying "We missed you, the next attempt will be on Monday the 22nd." Cool. Wow that was fast, considering I had talked to Rick on the Wednesday of that week. But, I wasn't going to be here, so I wrote on the note saying that and also saying I would pick it up at the warehouse and restuck it to the door so he could see it when he came back. Sounds good right? Well, the UPS guy never showed up on Monday to make his return visit. I thought that was kinda odd. So on Tuesday, I phoned them at the warehouse to make said arrangements and pick it up down there. The lady was polite and seemed to have matters under control saying she would page the driver who would have the package and would be in my area, and tell him to pull it off the delivery route and bring it back so when he returns so I could pick it up. Then she tells me that I can pick it up that day. COOL.

I go down there, nobody has a fucking clue I'm on my way or that a package of any kind was to have been pulled of the truck. NOT COOL. Another lady searches the warehouse and even tracks down the driver inside, the one who made the attempt on the Friday, but no such luck. No one knows where the package is. GREAT! So yadda yadda, this lady tells me shit like "I;m so sorry sir. I don't know exactly who you talked to or what arrangements you made. I'll have to leave a note for the morning shift explaining what happened here, and they'll sort this out and then get in touch with you."

Alright, fair enough. Not much I can do.

Well, today, I call these fuckers back up, cause NO ONE has gotten back to me these last 2 days. I go through one dummy, who passes me off to another, then that fuck tells me to call the 1-800 number and have them trace it cause they can't find it.

So I call, spend 20 minutes going over the trace procedures with someone and basically finding out nothing that I hadn't already known, except now, I get to wait 8 MORE BUISNESS DAYS before we can find out where exactly where the fucking package is!!!

( update to come..please stay tuned. )

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