Sunday, January 28, 2007 Update

Kelly Hinkson is the man who maintains Graham, the memorial tribute site dedicated to him and his talents. Kelly has just done an amazing overhaul of the entire site, upgrading and incorporating a new design/layout, some new pictures never seen before, links to all of Graham's art and musical works, and new contact info's linking directly to the March family.

Kelly is also reporting that he will be doing a video for 'Afterlife', one of Desimal's most memorable works that has litterally captivated the entire dnb community since his untimely passing.

Also appearing on the front page, the intro paragraph that I wrote for the Desimal Interview. That intro was written over 2 years ago, and I'm planning on doing an upgrade to it. I've already talked with Kelly about it, so those words will be going up when that piece is complete.

Please take the time to check the new site.


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