Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year. New Direction.

I'd like to address something that has been coming up in my head for some time now, causing a minor distraction of sorts...So a small announcement on the new direction this blog will take, starting first with a new title. "WLCM TU TH NXT LVL" will be no more, as I've become increasingly tired with the word play title, and it also seems that other's have jumped onto the name.

Of course I can't lay claim to the title, I first got inspired by it from The Alkaholiks bangin track 'The Next Level' from their sophmore album 'Coast II Coast'. But since I started this site/page/blog, there's been radio shows pop up [State Of Mind host a weekly show titled 'The Next Level'] a mix session CD [Friction's new mix series is titled 'Next Level'] and some random local event promotions company recently started to throw their events under the "un-common" name, 'NXLVL'.
Yeah, time for a change.

This place will now be known as 'Science & Progress'.

I think the new name will be a good fit in the overall scheme of this whole blog, as in, these will be MY reports on various items, experiments, expressions, thoughts, knowledge and feelings that I think should be voiced.

It also holds a little history with me personally too. The title, 'Science and Progress' was my text avatar/title on DOA for a years time, it also stands out to be a very strong and important line in Coldplay's brilliant and under appreciated song, 'The Scientist' [one of the only Coldplay songs I like..], and again, it'll fit perfectly here with what I want this space to represent.

So all that link to this page, please take note of the new name and change the title in your links on your pages. And please stay tuned for more. I hope you dig this place and trust I've got some plans for it in the future. Thanks for your time.

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