Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tom Morello Going Solo

Reports are surfacing that legendary guitarist and dedicated activist, Tom Morello, is officially leaving Audioslave and going solo. His debut album, 'One Man Revolution' under his Nightwatchman guise, is to deliver raw accoustic compositions, a very diffrent direction then his Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave works took him. His debut solo album is to be released in April and he will tour the North America to support it. There are also rumours floating about, that Rage will reunite for the first time in 6 long years to play at the massive Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Great news!

and in his honour,
3 classic videos of my favorite RATM track, 'Bulls On Parade'.

The official video.

Live @ the Tibetan Freedom Concert 99.

..and Tom speaks with 'Tool Of The Day' Carson Daly before 'Bulls On Parade' Live @ MTV Studios.

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