Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chook - Trainspot - Video

The good people at Full Force Recordings have just uploaded their first music video to YouTube. Chook's infectious nuero roller, 'Trainspot' is available now on promo and is sure to sell out fast. Check it!

Over the years, Full Force has become somewhat of a cult classic. Coming from out of nowhere [literally! .. Luxembourg] they have quickly spawned into a 'buy on sight' imprint. Now known for housing some of the best new breakout talents in the game, [relative unknowns to the average fan] these guys are pushing the limits and bending the bar on nuerofunk and tech. They are set to celebrate their 10th release with a massive Ep including the likes of State Of Mind, Mayhem, Phace, Aqua-tek and Chook. Exciting and inspiring.


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