Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quadrant In Rinse

Quadrant is featured in this month's Rinse Magazine. A good read about the boys, gives a full info update on their current status and the expected forthcomings from their studio. [Love the new collabs with Cease!]

It should however be noted that this article has been tamed and edited down. It's obvious Rinse does not want to cross any lines or partake in controversial media, since some of their biggest contacts/clients got a verbal lashing in the original script. While I understand their position in this matter, and Jeremy Stacy delivered a great article, I would've liked to seen them go against the grain and publish something a little different [controversial] outside of the normal, everyday dnb story the public has grown so familiar with. I know for a fact they had all the info in their hands...

Read up kids!

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Jeremy Stacy said...

Hi, this is Jeremy Stacy, the author of that article. Actually, it wasn't edited down very much, but I wrote it the way I did for two reasons. First off, I only had 500 words and I wanted to focus on what the duo is doing NOW. They are doing some big things and have excellent news, so I thought it most important to get that part out. The second reason is, re-hashing all the bad that happened years ago would have felt like I was providing our readers with the same sick thrill you get from driving by a car wreck.... I could have easily blown 500 words ranting against the machine on Quadrant's behalf, but who looks good as a result of that? I didn't exclude that stuff because I was afraid of pissing people off, I excluded it because I don't like participating in mud-slinging. Besides, I have every word of the conversation and aside from a lot of ripping on one individual, there isn't that much to it.

Nobody would have looked good as a result of laying that out, I don't think people would have enjoyed reading it much, and everyone would have missed out on the positive side of what they're doing now - like the album & EP.

Looking forward to a bright future is better than looking back at a broken past.