Saturday, May 26, 2007


Covert Operations celebrates it's quarter mark release with an outstanding single from the legendary production duo, Future Engineers. (I finished the write 2 weeks ago and it slipped my mind to put it up.)

Covert Operations 025
A.) Future Engineers - Time-Zero
AA.) Mav & Implex - Chasm [Future Engineers Re-set]

Future Engineers - Time-Zero
Hot wired and storming back into the scene, Future Engineers deliver a massive sonic charged roller to the Cov Ops catalogue. Creating an atmosphere full of electric vibes and intricate programming, this track creeps along with an infectious groove and devious bassline. Truly something for the deep space cadets, sit back and strap yourselves in, the epic voyage is about to begin.

Mav & Implex - Chasm [Future Engineers Re-set]
Taking this one into another dimension, Future Engineers rework 'Chasm' into massive sci-funk dancefloor destroyer. An intriguing vocal confession guides the way to the mystery while the atmosphere charges up like power plant, sending shivers down the spine. Strong, hard driving beats combined with large slicing synths, deep end stabs and a massive intoxicating bassline set this one off like blast of dynamite Instant rewind material.

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