Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Triple Vision Music Group

Just a little something I think everyone who reads this page should be aware of.
The Triple Vision Music Group is a established organization situated in Rotterdam, Holland that has devoted most of its time to promoting and releasing drum & bass music. Originally set up to promote & sell drum & bass in the Netherlands, Triple Vision has slowly evolved in a worldwide distribution centre that now carries some of the biggest labels in both the Techno and the Drum & Bass scene. Besides the In-house drum & bass labels Citrus, Fokuz/LTD, Syndrome Audio, Celsius & Love, Triple Vision is responsible for running Noisia's Vision label alongside some other interesting labels like Avalanche, PRSPCT, Darkitek, Syncopix and Shady Brain to name a few. Including the running of a vinyl distribution and a record store, Triple Vision has also started a online record shop. So do yourselves a favour and check out everything involved with Triple Vision. They are quickly setting the standard in quality.

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