Sunday, November 19, 2006

Catacomb Bio

Just wrote the bio for Catacomb. Check it!

[Citrus / Cyanide / Darkitek / Full Force / PRSPCT / Syndrome / Shadybrain]

The production dou of Larry Miller and Andrew Paquet, known as Catacomb, originally formed in early 2005 in a small studio just outside of Toronto, Canada. The 3 founding members, Kevin Cameron is also involved, met at local nights around the GTA and quickly developed a tight bonding friendship that shared a common intrest and love for drum and bass.This quickly led to the studio, where hours upon hours were spent pressing keys and turning out twisted sounds. Drawing on influences from classic metal and hardcore,the crew set out to harness and develop their sound, ultimately spawning a unique blend of raw, aggressive, rolling futuristic funk.

In 2006, Catacomb's tireless and diligent efforts in the studio started to pay off. The boys would see their debut vinyl release on Darkitek Recordings out of Puerto Rico. A collaborative effort with Identity, 'Sadist', was the flip to the monsterous Noisia remix of 'Pressure'. From there, the Catacomb really started to turn some heads. Not only were their tunes being rinsed by some of the biggest DJ's in the game, but more labels came knocking on the crypt door. Signings and releases by Citrus and Shadybrain, as well as their first solo 12'' on PRSPCT Recordings, highlighted a breakout year for the 'Combs. And the hard work doesnt stop there. With all of this buisness going on, they still continue to keep an ear to the ground and help run one of the web's top Drum and Bass resource sites,, which they recently relaunched this past September.

2007 already sees some great promise for the boys, with much more starting to surface from the tomb. Their remix to Misanthrop's 'Strange Planet' kicks off the inaugural vinyl edition release of Shadybrain Recordings in January of the new year. Misanthrop provides the massive remix to Catacomb's 'Buried Alive', on the flipside. More announcements are to come shortly, as the lads already have some big things lined up at 2 major labels.

Heed the warning. The crypt is calling.
Your soul will succumb, to the depths of the Catacomb.

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