Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Outsource' REMIX !?!?!??

Just announced today by the good dutch crew at Syndrome Audio, there is a Misanthrop remix to the massive Noisia & Phace collab that originally came out on Citrus, 'Outsource'. [!!!]
Amazing. The original was such heavy, intoxicating funk roller, I could not wait to hear what the German Bossman had done to it. And you just knew he was going to kill it.
And whadyaknow...SLAUGHTERHOUSE style!

And since I'm writing about the tune, I'll take you back to 2004, when Noisia really started to break out and the OG to 'Outsource' was doing rounds on dub. Teebee came to town, and this was when he first got hooked onto Noisia, so we knew he'd be rockin this. Looking back on the night, (and I feel like an dummy now but,) during his whole set, I.N.I and myself kept yelling in his ear on stage, "Outsource!!" "Outsource!!", in hopes he'd play it for us. lol. No luck, as he actually said to us, "Nah, didn't bring it man."

"WHAT!????" we replied...

Now, Teebee is the man. Hugely respected label boss [Subtitles rules the world] and one of the most coveted big name dj's..and he would only bring out the best! So we were honestly in shock that he did not only not drop this in his set, but that he "didn't bring it". heh.

Retarded I know, but to a couple of beat junkies, was a shocker at time. :P

The .mp3 file seems to be streaming funny on here. Not exactly sure whats up, but if track name is clicked on, it will play tune at proper speed in another window.

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