Monday, November 27, 2006

Birthday Blog

Ahhhh Birthdays..gotta love em. MEH! >:(
Nah jus messin. With good people around you, it makes your day that much more enjoyable. <3 Anyways, I have the whole week off work and am looking forward to it! After a wikked weekend, my girl has some good things planned for todays festivities and I;m positive it will be a blast! More on that, including pics, to come later in the week...

Wednesday brings Teebee to town for a special 3 hour set engagement put on by the good crew from Abstract. Really looking forward to that as most of you know that when Teebee comes to town, he takes no prisoners and ALWAYS leaves the club in a devastation. \m/

So that's all from me, time to get ready and head out for the day/night. Excited no doubt! But, in closing, "Would you eat the Moon if it were made of Ribs?"

(Jeff Goldblum is lost in space...) lol!!

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