Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teebee. Abstract. Review!

Last night, we in Toronto had the ultimate privledge of witnessing a 3 hour set by the Norwegian assassin, Teebee. Any time he comes to town, you're guarenteed a mind bending set. But this was something different. This was something special. 3 hours of relentless beats, mixed by one of the sickest dj's to ever don the decks. Opening with some of the classics from the Virus catalogue, 'Wormhole and 'The Creeps' had tunes featured in the set. Subtitles artists played a big part in the masterpiece, Misanthrop's 'Factory' 'Bullhead' 'Viper Fish' 'Centrifuge' were dropped, as well as the Teebee remix to 'Perfect Happiness'. Phace tunes included, 'Reservoire' 'Fingerfood' 'Hot Rock' '3002' and I'm sure i heard another one which name escapes me at the mo. One of the biggest tunes dropped on the night was N.Phect's massive (MASSIVE!) 'Crisis', and it got the rewind! oh yes it did! One of the sickest mixes on the night, and there were many, was 'Telepathy' to the 'Buried Alive Remix'. HUGE! and needless to say, the Catacomb boys went nuts. lol. There were also a bunch of new bits from the forthcoming Calyx and Teebee album dropped on the night. No title names, but you could easily pick out the collab work of those 2 beasts. 'Exodus' by Noisia & Mayhem made 2 appearances on the night. First time played, no vocal. Second time played, KRS-ONE Vocal Edit. [!!!] Hearing it twice, in one night, on that system..priceless. Now surely Im missing a lot here, I was drinking and things do slip your mind when intoxicated, we all know. But just an amazing night. I was in heaven. and drunk. So excuse the shaky pics. But man was it ever a memorable night for beats in the city.

Also, recorded this video half way through the set. Check the drop on Phace's 'Fingerfood' at the end of the clip. (you will also notice why I no longer have a voice today.) ;) Check the master in the mix. He owns his craft.

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