Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fanu Samuari - Focussed Mind LP

It looks like the long awaited, highly acclaimed downtempo album from the Finnish drum assassin, Fanu, is finally about to see the light of day. Promo's of the CD album are scheduled to release December 1st, the album will also available for purchase through iTunes on that date aswell. Preview audio clips below. Exciting stuff!

Fanu Samurai - Focussed Mind [Pauze]
My Beautiful Paranoia
Painajaisista Todellisuuteen
Dreams Are Like Water
Snow People
The Missing Element
Dream Of Something Gone
Something Violent For Me And You
Autumn's Child
Angel In Flesh And Blood
Outro: I Dream Too Much


*edit: Mary Morris has had her interview with Fanu just published on DOA. Also included are production notes from the 'Focussed Mind' album.

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