Friday, December 22, 2006

Phone Cam Photo Essay

Well, the year is ending and i had to replace my sidekick already. Only had it for 11 months before it seazed up on me. Luckily i was under the year warranty and i got a new one hassel free. Although it seems this one may be jinxed..for some reason the camera on it will not view or shoot shots. Very frustrating, even if it such low quality. So i thought i'd post all my worthy pics that i've snapped over this one year period, and everyone could take a look back on some intresting points in camera/phone time. I guess we'll go from most recent taken and backwards. njoi.

Andy Catacomb mixing at UofT Radio

Andy Catacomb mixing at UofT Radio

Wing Mower sunk in soil. NOT BY ME.

Jude An I at Wedding. Matching dress and tie. ;]

Judy. Nacho time at pub.

Community garden car on Kennsington.

View from CN Tower

Todd and Cassius at 2 weeks old.

Faceplant. Srix and Martjin Noisia.

AL RAD. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martjin Noisia breakfast burger.

Judy. Hoegaarden. World Cup Quarter's - Portugal vs. Netherlands

Nephew - Quinn at 6 months.


Etobicoke bridge on Lake Ontario

Driving the loader at work. Snapped myself in mirror.

Thomson tee'ing off. Yes that is his actual stance.

Breakfast at our favorite pub.


Nacho Crew. Lenice, Josh Spherix, Larry Catacomb.

2 Dummies.

The Dummy.

York University roof top.

The best buds almost throw down.

Bermuda. @ Horseshoe Beach.

Bermuda - Cottage.

Bermuda - Cottage.

Bermuda - Nolan and Hammock.

Bermuda - Hotel Terrace.

Nephew - Nolan. 3 Years Old.

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