Thursday, October 12, 2006

Circa Survive

About a year ago, Daniel Cyanide linked me to this band and mentioned that I would probably dig the sounds these guys were crafting. So i checked them out, got the album and somehow it managed to take a back seat in my collection. Well these days I seem to have grown bored of my current selections in the rock/alternative category, even after rinsing the new Killers album to death, I just needed a little edge to add to my mind state. So i dug their debut album, Juturna, out from storage, put it on the 'Pod and proceded to delve into the world of Circa Survive. Deep, haunting, inteligent, cinematic-like pieces rule this record and if you're looking for something diffrent, on the experiental tip and totally unique, Circa Survive is where it's at.

Check the video to their single, 'In Fear And Faith', below.

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