Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yes Yes. As you will notice, the blog has been switched/upgraded to Blogger Beta. I've been holding off for some time, didn;t know exactly what I wanted to do with this space, if it was going to be a serious joint or just a secondary spot. But I think I;ve come to terms with it and I want it to grow and become something a bit more. (lil shout out to khal for giving me some guidance.) I hope all of you reading this are into this page and check back often enough. I do try to keep things freshly pressed and on cutting edge. Anyways, I;ll just end with a thanks for your time and a please stay tuned. Got some new ideas that I;d like to see develop here, looking forward to sharing with you. ezez

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khal said...

word man, you'll see... blogger beta works nicely. much easier to handle your handle. and the addition of tags makes these a bit more bloggy. keep up!