Monday, October 02, 2006

Andy Warhol / Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters

Guest-curated exclusively for the AGO by film director David Cronenberg, Andy Warhol / Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters, 1962-1964 focuses on one of the most influential periods in the artist's life. Combining both paintings and films, the exhibition features not only well-known serial images of Jackie Kennedy, Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor, but also disturbing disaster imagery that includes car crashes, criminals and electric chairs. The AGO is the only venue that combines Warhol's rarely seen underground films with his painted works. A complimentary soundtrack, conceived and narrated by David Cronenberg, accompanies the exhibition, and features commentary by key players from the 1960s, including Dennis Hopper, Amy Taubin and James Rosenquist.

Yesterday we checked out the Warhol exhibit that's on at the AGO. Was interesting to say the least. 2 room exhibit featuring some select works of Andy's from the early 60's. Real bizarre character if you didnt know by now. His art is simply stunning tho. Real bold and explicit. Catches and holds your attention for time. Jude liked his 'Jackie O' works, i liked the dissaster pieces the most. 'Foot and Tire', 'Race Riot', 'White Burning Car III' were awesome and the 'Tuna Fish Disasster' was kinda hillarious. Saw Dennis Hopper on the famous 'Screen Tests' shots from 1964. Also featured the famous 'Blow Job' movie, it was on a wall with 'Silver Disaster #6 [Electrical Chair screen print] and short film 'Kiss'. All in all, was a bit to small for what i thought an exhibit on Andy Warhol should have been. Guess we'll have to check out the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh next time we're in that area. [Andy & Jen I'm jealous you've seen it already. Bastards! :P]

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