Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I swear I've never had so many problems with a cable company, as I've had with Cogeco since we moved into the new pad. We decided to go with them as the previous owner was conneccted with them, so let's make things easier on us and we'll just keep the connection with them switch accounts and things will be just fine.. well not the fucking case! This past weekend, I lost my cable and net connex, due to a work order that one of the technicians had in his hands firday morning, telling him that no one was living in the appartment and he should disconnect the lines.
NOW, I would love to know who the fuck made the call on this one, cause I've been in contact with their SHIT customer service wankers at least 15 times (trying to fix THEIR fuck ups) since I moved in here, which was less than 3 months ago! Those fuckers know damn well that there are people living inside this place! MOTHERUCKERS!!

So this weekend was filled with Movies, as we needed something to entertain us..so heres some quick film reviews, 'Siskel & Ebert' style, incase you're intrested...

*Thank You For Smoking -

*Silent Hill -

*X-Men 3 : The Last Stand -

*The Departed -
(This movie has easily taken the lead in my books for movie of the year. Scorsese at his finest. Jack, big.bad.bossman. and owning the screen. DiCapprio and Damon battling it out and EACH giving huge preformances that are sure to be top highlights in their careers. Wahlberg and Baldwin providing key minor roles to round out the brilliance that this film eats, sleeps, breathes and bleeds. GO AND SEE IT!

and coming out this weekend, The Prestige. Can;t wait!

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