Sunday, October 22, 2006

Catacomb on PRSPCT

The boys are seeing their first solo 12'' release, forthcoming on Dutch label, PRSPCT. Previous releases on PRSPCT include the talents of Counterstrike, Eye-D, Limewax & DJ Hidden. The monsterous 'Trashmouth' owns the A side with a sinister build to an onslaught of pure impact and devistation. This track is a beast, and wrecks terror upon the dancefloors when dropped. (I've seen it with my own eyes!) The flip, 'Deadlights', is a more subdued, minimal slab of essential funk. Promo expected in November, full release in December. BIG congrats going out to my bro's on this one. Hard work and determination has payed off and you all deserve it!
Check the banner!

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