Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bits & Blurbs...

Bagh, this week is dragging [and i had monday off :P], but the end is near. I can see it! So heres some thoughts, links and headsup to help wish the week away...

:the NHL season kicked off last night and i couldn't be more excited to see hockey back. 3 games opening the season, the defending champ Carolina Hurricanes opened against the new look Buffalo Sabres. Game went to a shoot out where the 5 million dollar little man, Danny Breire scored the only goal to give the Sabres the first win of the new season. The Leafs played the Senators in the first of eight matches this year. Sens took advantage of the Leafs mistakes in the 2nd period to pull ahead 3-1 and ultimately take round 1, 4-1. Game 2 goes tonite.

:Catacomb news, the boys see another release set to promo next week. The Lost Boys done with Dementia, from Germany, is coming out on Citrus Recordings, and is the Juiceblender LP Sampler. Big things and more recognition for the 'Combs. Also, be on the lookout for a new mix to drop soon. hawt hawt hawt.

:As i mentioned before, The Killers sophmore album was released this past week. Picked it up and have been playing it non-stop. Quality album. Recommend you pick it up if you like them or even if you dont. I will write a more indepth review [ i promise Biene! ;) ] in the near future.

:Covert Operations had a big week this week, not only did they see there 23rd release [ I co-wrote the press release with James ] and have it go through Nu Urban [ subscription packs will still continue aswell ], but ASC released his 'Research & Development' LP under his moniker 'Intex Systems'. It's pure class and a little diffrent from the norm. Hearing the man speak about it himself has got to get one excited about listening to it...

"I've pretty much spent the last 4 years, on and off, writing this LP (crazy, huh?), and the progression I've made since starting the first track has been immense. I think overall, about 20 tracks were scrapped in the process.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit more about it. Firstly, there's no drum & bass on it and the overall style is hard to categorise. I guess the best way to describe it, is atmospheric, ambient, avant-garde, abstract voyages deep into places you've never been before. It's a total journey from start to finish.

There's no gaps and the tracks flow seemlessly into interludes, soundscapes and stuff I can't even begin to explain. In terms of work, craft and finished product, this is some of the best stuff I've ever written.

I know this is a bit of a bold statement, dare I say it... but it reminds me of the first time I heard Lifeforms by FSOL.

Audio Preview.
And it's available for purchase NOW direct from the Covert Operations Store

:Fall is upon us here in Canada, and i must say its absolutely gorgeous. My fave time of the year. Love the cool mornings, warm afternoons, possible rainy days, and colorful views. Go and get ootside! <3

:My girl cooks some amazing dinners and wikked cookies! FACT.

:OMG dont look now, Evan I.N.I is back into Drum & Bass. Could it be..I don't know. But it's possible. :P

:And finally, it's Canadian Thanksgiving this upcoming weekend. Big Dinners, family, football, drinks, long weekend, hockey, sleep, food, alcohol, relaxing, food, good times. To all of you, Canadian or not, Happy Thanksgiving. ;)

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