Friday, October 27, 2006

Catacomb on DCS905 Radio - 89.5FM

Ok, Big things going down this weekend inside U of T Radio headquarters, CIUT 89.5FM. Andrew's got a 2 hour guest spot lined up from 10-12PM EST and I'll be joining him in the studio along with the DCS905 boys. Quite looking forward to it, as Andy has a ton of exclusives to drop, including brand spanking new Catacomb tracks, that are currently being polished up as I type. Can't disclose any track titles right now, but will say that the boys have some high hopes for these 2 newest bits. And rightfully so, probably their best work to date. Prepare to delve into the depths of the Catacomb!
Also, I just signed up at, figured it would be a good fit, me + music + playlist..seems right to me! ;) So check my page out when you get a minute. See what I've been playing on the comp & 'Pod. aaaaight. Have god weekend peoples. eZ

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biene said...

i hope they`ll record the show tomorrow! :-[
have fun :-)

btw: if you haven`t seen it yet... you need to switch off these annoying pictures on
preferences -> website -> fewer images, please