Monday, October 23, 2006

Implex Coming To Canada

In distant 1983 at the secret lab of one mighty corporation there was produced the 1st self-educating and self-developing neuro-cyborg 1MPL-3X. This unique specimen has been carefully hiding from the public and the government for 15 years and received permanent experiments and revisions. But in 1999 the cyborg managed to escape and destroyed the lab, killed the staff and disappeared, appropriating the appearance of his creator. 1MPL-3X was programmed to make close study of everything new and thus he devoted himself to the advanced achievement of the mankind- drum and bass. Having connected himself up to the computer, he creates new tracks with the sound so characteristic of him and periodically carries out experiments on people, while playing his music at the night-clubs and releasing on vinyl and CDs in different countries.

News just broke to me that Implex will be making a little trip overseas and to the Great White North in the new year. Gonna make some noise and hopefully get him some bookings throughout Canada in the months of January and February of 2007. If you are interested or know someone in your city who may interested in booking Cyril, please get in touch: or

Implex really started to break through and make a name for himself over this past year, having his tracks released on Fokuz Recordings 'Shape Of Time' on the Discoveries Of The Deep LP, a couple tracks on Covert Operations, 'Oceans Of Oceans' and the stellar collab with Mav, 'Chasm'. He also has couple forthcoming bits on Vibez Recordings, 'I Dissappear' aswell as a recent collab with Voja, 'Petit Beurre'.

Implex also did 2 featured mixes for us at, his first one, 'The Dnbnation Mix' was released online in July of 2004 and got noticed instantly. His 2nd mix was more of a spotlight feature on the future forms of Russian Drum & Bass. The 'Russian Invasion On Dnbnation' got a huge response and again opened more eyes to the man. From then on 2 more mixes were released online, 'Sign Me! Book Me! Love Me! Studio Mix' from October 2005 and 'The Russian Hour on Radio Rekord' from July 06. The man is an accomplished DJ from Russia and represents hard. Don't forget to check him on Myspace and get in touch if you're feelin his sounds.

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