Friday, December 15, 2006

Phace On BBC Radio 1

Mary Anne Hobbs hosts the Experimental show on BBC Radio 1, every Thursday 9-11pm EST / Friday 2-4am GMT. Her shows are brilliant as she plays a wide variety of cutting edge and unconventional beats each and every week. Her most recent show was something special as it featured 3 exclusive mixes from 3 vastly diffrent drum and bass artists spanning some "radically differing textures." Dj Hidden was first up in the guest spot, followed by Benny Page, and saving the best for the last, Phace closed the show in a smashing way. The following set was ripped by Zinch and it is the defining proof that PHACE IS THE FUTURE, NOW!

Phace - Distortion [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Reservoir [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Rational [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Psycho [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Finger Food [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Tranquilizer [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Open Your Eyes [SUBTITLES]
Phace & Noisia - Crevice [SUBTITLES]
Phace & Noisia - The Feed [SUBTITLES]

192kbps - 22:34

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