Thursday, December 14, 2006

Catacomb Dates, Tunes and More

As I type, Andy Catacomb is enroute from Newark, New Jersey to Portland, Oregon for a weekend of gigs on the west coast. First show, Friday December 15th, in Portland. Second show, Saturday the 16th in Seattle. No stranger's to the west, this is Catacomb's 3rd appearance 'West-Siiiiiide'.

Also, if you didnt know, the boys have a handful of shows coming up in the early new year, and this includes their first ever European Tour. The following is Catacomb's tour dates for January to April in 2007.

  • January 24th - Pittsburg, PA

  • February 10th - Rotterdam, Holland

  • February 17th - Switzerland

  • April 20th - Calgary, Canada

  • April 21st - Vancouver, Canada

  • Also watch for some dates at the annual WMC in Miami.

    You also may be intrested to know what's coming next from the Catacomb as far as releases go in 2007. Well take note of the following release schedule. All tunes completed. signed, sealed, delivered.

  • Catacomb - Root Vein [Cyanide]

  • Catacomb - Gut Wrench [PRSPCT EP001]

  • Catacomb - The Zodiac [Syndrome Audio 004]

  • Catacomb - Out Alive [Aesthetics]

  • Catacomb - Time Will Crawl [Full Force]

  • N.phect - Shiftfunk (Catacomb Remix) [Microb]

  • Robot death squad - Supercharger (Catacomb Remix) [Flatline Audio]

  • And I'm sure their will be more news to announce, as one of the labels has BIG plans for a Catacomb project in the very near future. Watch this space for more info...

    And finally, an interesting thread, concerning Catacomb and their lack of bookings in their hometown yet their increase in headlining gigs worldwide (as brought up by someone other then the Catacomb crew), popped up on yesterday. You may want to check it out and just see what the general opinion of the Toronto forum crew is.

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