Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mayhem And Projects

Atlants's first son, Mayhem, has jumped into the Downtempo ring. Thermoptics was recently created by Anthony and is to serve as his new outfit for all DT projects. This guy is really starting to show his depth and range in quality production. Whether it's Drum & Bass [Discography] or Breaks [Hostage, a collab effort with Knick from Evol Intent fame.] and now Downtempo, the man provides a solid output of high quality beats.

A busy fucker too. I wonder how he has time for sleep. I mean, in between his new family life, running Shadow Law Recordings and 404Audio, producing tunes, touring around the world, organizing 'Transit' [Atlanta's longest running Drum & Bass night @ The Mark] and starting to set up '404Audio The Shop', the man is a machine!

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