Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Edison Gem - Things Change - Info Update

Edison Gem, or more commonly known as, Orion & Jadis, have just announced that their long awaited, debut CD album is finally complete. 'Things Change' has taken the duo nearly a year longer than expected to finish, but they are more than happy with the results and say that the extra time taken was 100% neccesary.
Audio previews for three tracks, 'Should've Known Better' 'Never Bring Me Down' and 'Keep My Distance', have just recently been uploaded to their myspace, and we can;t forget about the stellar title track, 'Things Change'. The album is due out in early Spring 2007 and you better believe it's going to be something sick!

And don't forget, Edison Gem is on iTunes. Check it out and support good music.

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