Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Method Of Defiance - Inamorta

Method Of Defiance is bassist/producer Bill Laswell, sound destroyer Submerged, and drummer Guy Licata. As a programmer, DJ, and founder of hugely influential drum and bass labels Ohm Resistance and Obliterati, Submerged is a known force in the world of drum and bass. A respected veteran of the DJ circuit, and a collaborator with many of drum and bass's most recognized artists, his labels have been described as "the US's finest talent incubators". Guy Licata is a drummer unlike any other. He describes his style as "reverse engineering" taking programmed breaks and learning them piece by piece. A teacher at NYC's Drummer's Collective, and performing member of abstract hip hop group APSCI, Guy's skills have made him one of the most currently sought after drummers in New York City. And of course, the legend, Bill Laswell. Bill has been one of largest forces responsible for shaping modern music into what it is today. His artistic breakthrough in producing "Rockit" for Herbie Hancock's Future Shock album, has been cited by many as influencing the explosion of hip-hop and turntablism. Laswell has remixed the works of Bob Marley, Miles Davis, and Carlos Santana as well as collaborated with hundreds of musicians like Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Mick Jagger and many more. Laswell continues to hybridize music styles with his latest project METHOD OF DEFIANCE.

Robert Soares speaks: "A dark, hypnotic recording with historic musicans vs. cutting edge drum & bass artists from the U.K., Europe and the U.S. The drum breaks were collected raw and guided to be heavyweight/down to earth, unmixed, and played over to musicans who added virtuosic instrumentation 'live on the spot' in interaction with the dynamics of the breakbeats. It was later produced and mastered in NYC."

This is truly exciting stuff. Even if you're not a fan of drum and bass, you've got to marvel and appreciate the boundaries this project is crossing. Some legandary talents coming together to see one vision succeed. Check the audio clips for yourself!

1. MOD (ft. Submerged and Pharaoh Sanders) - TA 'WIL

2. MOD (ft. Paradox, Toshinori Kondo, Buckethead, Bernie Worrel) - HUMANOID

3. MOD (ft. Black Sun Empire , Graham Haynes, Pete Cosey) - HIDDEN KILLER

4. MOD (ft. D-Star, Byard Lancaster, Pete Cosey) - AMENTA

5. MOD (ft. Paradox, Herbie Hancock) - PANEPHA

6. MOD (ft. Amit, Toshinori Kondo, Buckethead) - BABYLON DECODER

7. MOD (ft. SPL, Masada String Trio, John Zorn) - AIBI VIRUS

8. MOD (ft. Outrage, Craig Taborn) - ANTI-JAZZ GLITCH

9. MOD (ft. Fanu, Graham Haynes, Byard Lancaster) - BLACK WATER

10. MOD (ft. Evol Intent, Dave Liebman) - PATTERN ENGINE

11. MOD (ft. Karsh Kale, Nil Peter Molnaer) - AETHER

12. MOD (ft. Corrupt Souls) - REMAINS


khal said...

get me this album and i'll be your friend for life.

Ryan.Srix said...

upon first listen of the clips and imo, these tracks sounded a bit sporadic and unorganized at times. and i know thats a structure of jazz, and i can appreciate that, at times. with that said and upon further listen, i discovered some real gems in this album.

im really into 'Babylon Decoder' with Amit. sounds like some original score material for some international espionage crime thriller. 'Anti-Jazz Glitch' with Outrage is a a great example of the fusion between the dnb and jazz. it goes deep. 'Ameneta' with D-Star might have the sickest bassline out of them all and some key choice breaks. 'Aether' is just a beautiful composed piece music. love it. and 'Remains' with Corrupt Souls, killer all the way!

Jason a.k.a. moonshine said...

Hey Great i cant wait for this !!! it is so getting blasted out of my car!!!!!!! come over and tour england whilest ya here get buckethead over to do some shows!!!!